7 Rules for Dating a Pinay

When you think of girls from the Philippines, what is the first thing popping up on your mind? Their beauty? Their cheerful attitudes and nice smiles? It’s quite a subjective matter; however, one thing can be pointed out without second thoughts: young Filipino women are a great marriage material. But before marrying one, you need to be involved in a beautiful process of Philippine women dating.

Just as any other women in the world, cute Filipina women require a specific approach. There’s indeed a set of universal rules that can be applied to any girls but to get the best of dating a Filipina woman, you need to know their peculiarities. In the end, information is your best helper! And while the number of Filipinas dating foreigners is growing at a steady pace, the number of single Filipina women decreases – don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of those beauties.

So, here are our 7 rules of dating a Pinay:

  • Never forget about chivalry.

    Being a gentleman means so much more than just dressing up and talking smoothly. Your approach should consist of respect, interest, tolerance, patience, and manliness in its least ludicrous form. Dating a Filipina woman, you will have to learn how to be a real ladies’ man. All in all, isn’t it a great idea to approach every decent woman with respect and admiration?

  • Learn more about Philippine culture and traditions.

    What do you actually know about these beautiful islands? That they are… beautiful and hold a record for the number of gorgeous women among other countries? Aside from being home for cute Filipino girls, the Philippines are also lands with rich history and fascinating traditions. And native girls highly appreciate their culture, which you can take advantage of. Try to cook their food, learn more about their art and society. If you don’t get to date a Filipina woman, you will yet be blessed with some new exciting knowledge.

  • Respect her family.

    Moving on to another traditional aspect of life on the Philippines. Families there are extremely close-knit, meaning that your potential Filipino bride will be close with her relatives, especially her mother. For you, it means that you should consider getting to know her family better and approaching her relatives kindly and respectfully. You never forget about family values when dating Philippine women.

  • Be generous.

    No, these girls don’t look for Western moneybags coming to their somewhat underprivileged country to take them away to better places. No, they don’t – dating sites are full of Philippine women for other reasons (and we will discuss it later). Showing your generosity, you just demonstrate how good of a husband and father you may become. Buy her flowers, tip the waiters in the cafés that you visit, give her sweet little presents. But here’s a thing: don’t make her feel guilty by paying for her all the time. If she wants to use her own money – just let her do so. Modern ladies are much freer in such matter as sexual liberation and finances. Even the Philippine ones.

  • Diversify your communication.

    In every relationship, there’s a moment when you need to slightly diversify the way you communicate with each other. If you met her on some of the Philippine women dating site, you don’t limit your dialogues to just emails or text messages. Use video messengers, write her a paper letter and send it in a box with some little meaningful gift, visit her – there’s so much more to do together. If you live in the same area as she does, don’t hesitate to take her out on a dinner or take advantage of some other activities. In this way, you have a chance to get to know each other properly in the shortest time possible.

  • Talk about your future.

    Most of the young Filipina girls are Christians, which means that they have straightforward ideas of family life and dating. Don’t try to act like you are in a casual relationship with her – Philippine women do not appreciate it. Talk about your potential future together when you feel the time comes for it: discuss where you are going to live, your thoughts about having children etc. It will help you build a strong emotional bond between you two. As well, she will be sure about you… and her own tomorrows, which is very-very important for Filipino women.

  • Show your interest and affection.

    There’s a popular belief out there. It says that demonstrating your feeling to women is the worst idea ever as they quickly lose their interest in you when understanding that they are taking over your thoughts. With beautiful Filipino women, it does not work like this. They love being loved. When they feel neglected, they easily get depressed. And you obviously don’t want your Filipino woman for marriage to get sad. Just be honest – not brutally honest, but honest enough to let her know what’s on your mind. When you think about it for a while, it will eventually make so much sense.

We really hope that these rules are going to help you get the best of your relationship with a gorgeous Filipino woman. In the next article, we will answer another important question: what is it like dating a Filipina woman? Stay tuned and believe in love!