Best Cities to Meet Girls in the Philippines

dating a Filipino woman

Western values and the idea of happiness have not yet fully affected the Philippine women seeking men. They are lucky to be far behind other countries in the development of information technology. Many Filipino families living in villages lack Internet access, and the Catholic Church continues to have a strong influence. This is another aspect that prevents the Philippine people from changing their fundamental family values and moral principles. Here, the greatest family wealth is children, no matter how much their parents earn. So, hot Philippine girls still believe in love and family life. Today we are going to tell you how to succeed in going to the Philippines to meet a girlfriend.

Here’s Why the Philippines Is the Best for Meeting Women for Dating and Marriage

These caring and traditionally family-oriented women are a tempting prize for foreigners. But not all men know why it is precisely these girls who are considered to be the best wives. Some European countries even ban marriages with Filipino women because men choose them more often than the local females, and it has a serious impact on social and economical balance. And let’s not forget that they are insanely pretty. Catriona Gray, being the Philippine sexiest woman according to the beauty contests in 2013 and 2016, has won the title Miss Universe in 2018! What is the secret of their magnetic power and sensual characters?

Meeting Filipino women for marriage

Many adult men seek Pinay dating opportunities because they have serious intentions. Most often, they are interested in meeting a young woman, not necessarily the most beautiful or the smartest. They are ready to provide for her, pay the bills, support her next of kin, help her get educated and receive a perfect wife as a final result. As the man is typically the breadwinner in the Filipino culture, women do not object to being financially supported and regard the family as their main vocation.

Find a Philippine hot girl to your taste

Some men want their Pinay wife to be a good match in all aspects starting from beautiful appearance ending with being an interesting interlocutor. They date girls from the higher layers of society, those families that are considered wealthy in the Philippine reality. Such men are required to provide for the girl if they marry and guarantee her a high standard of living. Because from childhood she has been raised to be a good and intelligent wife. Such girls can be found on dating sites, for example,

Responsible and honest marriages

There are other examples of relationships between foreigners and local beauties when partners are about the same age and social status. Here you will have to fall after a girl and show her how much you care for her, for this you will need to give gifts, take her to restaurants, get to know her family, etc. In general, Philippine hot girls show interest in foreigners. And if you are an owner of a beautiful athletic figure, make good money and have a good education, then the chance to find a beautiful and educated girl from a good family (not poor by Philippine standards) increases many times. A lot of Filipino girls take care of themselves, look after their beauty, read, self-develop, and dream to build a career. In everyday life, they are caring, affectionate, and cook excellently, and also, importantly, they have an easygoing character. Shyness and modesty individually complement their beauty. As you can see, they are perfect wives even to the advanced European standards.

“Tour Guide All Included”

There is still one category of girls, whose services are called “Tour Guide All Included.” You will meet a lot of them on local dating sites. Therefore, if you come on vacation alone, then that’s okay, do not worry that you will have to spend your holiday alone. If you have some extra money, you can pay a girl to be your guide through the island. Such cooperation has many benefits, a local woman can show you paths not trodded by tourists and tell you about the best accommodations in hotels since she is aware of the prices and tricks the tour agencies use. And she will make you a good company after all! This service does not necessarily include close physical communication or actions of a sexual nature, you practically buy yourself a beautiful friend. After all, even the Philippines sexiest women simply want to have a good time while earning some money and involving in interaction with foreigners. Your further scenario depends only on both of you and whether you would like to continue spending time more romantically together.

Meet Pinay singles with children

In Philipinnes, there also women who are willing to meet a foreign husband despite having their kids. Such girls are looking for a serious relationship and can happily move to your, albeit not very expensive house. Because she has been already married once, she knows how to keep a family nest clean and cozy, look after children, take care of herself, and stay sexy. The laws of the forbid divorcing and the only legitimate reason for annulling the marriage union is death. So, couples who no longer want to live together move apart and continue building new families not splitting legally. Children, according to the common practice, stay with the mother, but the woman may still strive to lead an active personal life and be dating men. Such a family union will not cost you a lot even including providing for the kids, but you will receive a complete family unit and a lot of gratitude from a woman in response. So, if you are looking for serious relationships with hot Filipino women and do not object against children – this is your option.

Best Cities to Meet Philippine Women

The Philippines is a state in Southeast Asia, one of the world’s largest archipelagos. Here the cultures of East and West are combined, the dreams of an earthly paradise in the tropics are embodied. This country is made of mysterious cliffs and dense jungle, caves, and mangrove beaches, white sand beaches, palm trees, emerald-colored sea, warm and mild climate, coral reefs, and magical underwater world, exotic flora, and fauna, it provides affordable shopping and vibrant nightlife.

As Filipino women characteristics are generally well-known, and the country can boast of many spectacular cities with beautiful girls, we think it would be smart not to focus on describing the girls themselves. After all, if you find the perfect girl, she will be ready to move with you anywhere! So, here is our list of the best cities you can take your chance of dating a Filipino woman.


This is the capital of the state. The fort of Santiago is the Cathedral of St. Augustine, which adjoins the museum-monastery storing behind its walls objects of culture and church art. Nearby are galleries of ancient art, the Casa Manila Museum, which collects evidence of the life of the local aristocracy. The city has many Japanese and Chinese gardens, a planetarium, Rizal Park and Manila Bay, shops with fashion products, and antique shops. Very popular excursions are to the village of Nayong Pilipino, which shows all types of village buildings of different ethnic groups of all parts of the archipelago in miniature. A perfect date spot for the girl who is interested in the history and cultural background of her lands!

Puerto Princess

A city that attracts tourists from all over the world. Its main sights are ancient cathedrals and parks. At the Palawan Museum, you can get acquainted with samples of ancient musical instruments, sets of antique dishes, ancient clothes, and weapons. In the Park “Puerto Princesa Underground River,” you will see the magical beauty of nature, visit the farm of crocodiles and butterflies of Rodriguez. The city promenade offers fabulous panoramic views and calm evening scenarios for those who are interested in serious dating. As well as Quezon City which is a beautiful city with many places of worship. There are churches, museums, the Capitol and the Colosseum, the old cockpit arena, the memorial of Quezon.


An amazing view of the sea opens from the height of this miniature town, in the middle of which stands the world’s smallest unique Taal volcano with a lake inside. In addition to restaurants and hotels, the city has many parks, flower beds, castles, and even closed parks for the rich. This city will be perfect for the more wealthy tourists who seek vibrant emotions and unusual holiday experiences with Philippine women.

First Date Tips and Ideas with Filipino Women

Let’s consider the most frequently asked question and the answers to them.

What to text a Filipina on a dating site if I want to meet her?

Write about your desire to meet as soon as possible. For example, “I arrived in Panglao and will be here for about a month. Let’s meet.” These women are pretty straightforward and ready to meet with foreigners.

What is the best way to get to know each other, on the spot or a dating site?

Most importantly, do not complicate things. If you come to the island, then start to get acquainted with those who live near the place where you eat. Remember, that long-distance will lead to unnecessary loss of time or money. You can begin to get acquainted on the site in advance. Upon arrival, immediately go on a date and meet. Do not lead communication online too long.

How to act to find a Filipina for a serious relationship?

You have to come to the Philippines and be ready to meet. Register on a local dating site, preferably paid. Some of the further tips:

  • Start writing to girls who are not very far away from your location and offer to meet in the mall.
  • Sit, listen, and look at her. Do not order a lot of food on a first date. If you like her, then offer to meet the next evening and spend a little more time together, but the first meeting can be short.
  • If you really liked the girl, then invite her right away, but here the culture is still conservative. So, she will let you know whether you can expect another date the next day.
  • If you want to force events, tell her that you have only a few days or a week and if you do not match each other, then that is all.

Can a Filipina a friend or sister to a date you?

This is completely normal. Do not be afraid or shy. The Philippines will not laugh at you or talk negatively. If she brings a friend, this is even better for you, she shows her serious intentions. It will also make her feel more at ease on a first date. But she should come alone on the second date. If he asks to bring someone again, this is already too much.

How much to spend on the first date?

Spend exactly as much as you feel comfortable or would like to. Above all, do not try to please or impress. If you do so, then she will be completely at a loss.

Do I need to buy a gift for a first date?

This is a good gesture but not necessary. Philippines are very practical. Remember that if you start with gifts, you will have to give more and more. It’s easier not to complicate the relationship and come without a gift. But of course, in the cafe you will need to buy food for her.

Do I need to talk about myself on my first date?

Not at all. You better ask her more. If she asks you anything, answer honestly. In no case you should lie about your intentions because the girl will take them normally.

How do Filipino men relate to foreigners?

They treat all foreigners very well. There are no problems on their part.

Are Filipina Jealous?

Philippine women are jealous. It is better not to provoke them. Therefore, we recommend being honest with them from the very beginning. It’s perfectly normal to say right away, for example, that you want to have a few meetings for a couple of days, or a couple of weeks, etc.

How can I meet a Filipina?

It is easier to meet on dating sites. Or go to bars in a tourist area if you prefer live meetings.

How to find a Filipina for a short time?

Dating sites or bars. In bars, you can meet a girl for the night or several days. Naturally, you have to pay. If you search on dating sites, you need to write immediately what you need and for how long.

All the girls on our planet are beautiful and smart in their way, and you need to love them because any girl flourishes when she is loved and cared for. If life allows you to travel to different countries and cities, communicate and make friends with many girls from different social backgrounds, you may want to stay in the Philippines forever! Because women here are truly magical. Whether they are poor, rich, famous, or just housewives, always pay more attention and care to them, and they will pay you back with even more. As you can see, the dating culture on the island is pretty straight and clear, and here you will find a woman to your taste.