Fantastic Proposal Ideas for Your Pinay Soulmate

Philippine wedding

You decided to propose a girl, but you have no idea how to do it right? It’s not necessary to worry because you are in the right place. Yes, making a marriage proposal is not always easy, even though you want to get married. This is a kind of milestone that significantly changes the relationship, and it needs to be thought over carefully.

This moment is very significant – it is usually remembered forever, therefore, preparation is necessary. So, how to propose to a girl? What things are especially important for Filipina girls? We will discuss this exciting topic in more detail in the article from pina-love.

Peculiarities of Engagement and Marriage in the Philippines

Engagement is an old rite when future spouses announce a decision to get married. This is one of the indispensable traditional attributes of Philippine wedding rituals, preceding marriage. In other words, at the engagement ceremony, a young man and a girl become a bride and a groom. But how does it look in the Philippines? What are their traditions?

1.     They develop relationships too fast

Some Filipino girls start talking about a wedding very early. This is their mentality. Sometimes they talk about the engagement a couple of weeks after the start of a pinay love relationship and even after 2-3 meetings. Filipino girls can put an ultimatum: no premarital sex! A man shouldn’t be led to any provocations because it is necessary to approach the wedding responsibly. It is impossible to fully get to know a person in just a few weeks. In any case, a successful marriage requires a test of time.

2.  Family ties here are taken very seriously

In this country, the spiritual unity of all relatives is of great importance. Only being with them, a local girl feels completely safe. The family protects from troubles and hardships. So, the help of relatives is a holy duty. Note that such assistance has no borders in the Philippines. All relatives are trying to take part in a ceremony of engagement and marriage.

3.     An engagement rite precedes the wedding

A guy and a girl tell parents about their intentions to marry, and they, in turn, set the date for the engagement. Engagement, as a rule, is quiet without a party and a magnificent feast. The eldest representatives of the groom’s family come to the bride’s house, and the eldest members of the bride’s family meet them at the doorstep. The elders sit down at the table, discuss the details of the upcoming festival, and enjoy fruit and soft drinks.

4.     Another wedding tradition is the so-called pamanhikan

According to this Philippine wedding tradition, an engagement is announced as soon as the bride agrees to the marriage. And immediately, on this day, the groom goes “into slavery” to the bride’s family. Here he takes care of all the housework: repairs, equips households and carries out all the tasks of not only the bride but also the mother-in-law and father-in-law. This is a kind of test, which can last up to a week. If a groom handles it, a wedding day is appointed.

5.     The main thing is the wedding

The main wedding ceremony takes place at the altar. Special assistants are chosen among the guests: candle keepers and guardians of the veil. Candle keepers should light 2 candles at the right time, which symbolize the union of two hearts before God. Veil keepers should wrap the shoulders of the bride and groom with a special snow-white cloth, which means unity of the family.

Best Proposal Ideas for You and Your Lady

Any Filipino girl wants the chosen one to be bold, decisive, and possess an extraordinary mind. That is why it is so important to surprise a beloved woman during the marriage proposal, showing these qualities. Of course, a standard candlelit, a bouquet of roses, romantic music, and a treasured velvet box with an engagement ring is good for engagement. But besides the classics, there are other interesting ways to make her heart beat faster before she hears these important words. Many modern girls want something more creative and enchanting. We offer 10 marriage proposal ideas. Be original and don’t be afraid to show your creative imagination!

1. Go to her favorite place

Are you looking for the best proposal ideas? Well, choose one of your favorite places: a park, a fountain, the roof of a house where you can enjoy the sunset or a place with a beautiful view of the city and act here. As a couple, you must have something memorable with this place so that it means something to you. And ask your friend to take a series of photos or even record a whole video at time X when you get on one knee.

2. Use drone

This option can’t be called one of the simple proposal ideas, but still, it is unusual. Recently, a high-tech method such as using the drone as an assistant in delivering a ring with an attached note about your intentions has begun to gain popularity. It looks quite impressive. The main thing is to ensure that the equipment doesn’t fail, and the message is delivered to the addressee intact.

3. Go to the restaurant

Don’t use proposal ideas at home as they are banal. A restaurant or cafe is the most common option where to propose your girlfriend. The main conditions of the atmosphere are a cozy interior, quiet music, sumptuous dishes and drinks, flowers. You can propose elegantly, putting a ring into an oyster shell. This will require some preparation – choosing a restaurant with seafood, arranging the details with staff and a cook, and setting a specific date for dinner. If your girlfriend loves gourmet dishes, then your efforts will certainly be appreciated.

4. Give her an aquarium with a secret

If the future bride is romantic and loves fairytales, then she will certainly like the aquarium with the goldfish. But it will be not just a fish, but one that fulfills cherished desires. At the bottom of the aquarium, among the algae, there should be a chest. You must put a golden ring on it. The girl should make three of her most cherished desires with an emphasis on the fact that one of them will come true immediately. After that, ask her to open the chest and propose.

5. Arrange fireworks of love

You can try different proposal ideas for her. For example, it can be fireworks of love. To do this, you need to contact experienced pyrotechnicians and order a firework phrase from them, which contains the text, “Marry me.” After the lady sees a surprise, you need to go up to her house with flowers, a ring, and kisses. The girl will certainly be fascinated by this, and therefore, she will not be able to resist and will say, “I agree.” You can buy and fire the firework yourself, but it’s better not to risk it and entrust the organization of the evening to specialists. Indeed, everything should be perfect on such an important day.

6. Use a bottle

To find a bottle ashore with a proposal written on a scroll inside is an idea for those who live by the sea. The most important thing is a picturesque place, conducive to romantic events. Choose a beautiful bottle (buy it, for example, in a gift shop). Write the proposal words on aged paper, roll it up and put it in the bottle, and close it. You need to remember or make some mark at the place where you put the bottle. When the girl finds it, present her a ring. Isn’t it one of the best proposal ideas?

7. Sing a song

Here we have some more engagement proposal ideas. When walking around the city, pay attention to street musicians. It may be your friends or maybe not, but they, as creative people, will help you realize an unusual idea. Ask them to sing something specifically for the girl, sing together or solo. The main thing is that the song contains those important words addressed to your loved one from you.

8. Arrange an air city tour

Proposing in a helicopter is a very original idea. Modern helicopters guarantee safe movement. The flight is carried out by an experienced specialist, and it will bring only positive emotions. Your message may sound in the air or after landing. Better yet if you write the words on asphalt in capital letters so that she can see and read them. It will be especially romantic if the final destination is a sandy beach. White sand, water, and no one around. There is a decorated table, elegant appliances, fruits, champagne, jewelry on it. A great end to a wonderful day!

Or you can ask the main question to your soulmate above the ground, flying in a balloon. However, here you need to know for sure that the girl will agree. After all, a balloon flight is quite long. You will go down a long time, and to fly with a girl who refused for about half an hour (if not more) is at least awkward.

9. Arrange her an adventure game

In our opinion, this idea of how to propose is quite fascinating. Think of the route in advance that your soulmate will have to go! You can arrange such a game in your apartment, or you can expand the area by asking her to look for clues around the city. Just make sure that she reaches the destination and finds you and the ring.

10. Do it on the beach

The beach and the sea, with which your girlfriend associates wonderful memories, can be an ideal place to propose. Take with you all the necessary things to create a cozy atmosphere. Turn on romantic music, watch the sunset, have a little dinner there. Start a meaningful conversation about your relationship. When the sun reaches the horizon, stand on one knee and ask her to become your wife.

Engagement is an important event for the couple. It marks the beginning of deeper commitments to each other. If your relationship is quite healthy, and you have previously discussed the possibility of marriage, then the event itself will be pleasant. And you are likely to get a positive result. However, not all proposals end successfully. This can happen for many reasons. Some of them shouldn’t be taken too seriously. A girl may not be ready for marriage yet, or she was previously abused, which made her avoid family life with men. In other cases, failures may occur due to incompatibility, lack of love, or because of an overly controlling and jealous partner. But in any case, you must respect the decision of your Filipina woman. And remember, the way you react to her refusal will show whether you will be given another opportunity to propose this person or not.