How To Date A Philippines Woman

More and more Western men forget about the traditional countries, the suppliers of “ideal brides” (Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Belarus etc.) and turn their sight to completely unexpected places. For example, the Philippines. Local women are ideal: nature has invested in them a love for traditional family values and awe for husbands. Both qualities became extremely rare and passed into the category of special talents, for which the best representatives of the male part of humanity are ready to hunt 24/7.

But this attitude must be earned. The Philippines have a rather demanding mentality. Hot Philippines women are not as naive and gullible as they are supposed to be. Life taught them enough lessons to not believe every European scoundrel, who gives many promises and skillfully plays the role of a gentleman in order to become a miserly tyrant and chauvinist in a couple of months of relationships.

To succeed with the Philippine woman, you need to know her attitude to life, habits, and differences from other women. This is exactly what we want to tell in this article.

What Are Philippines Women Like?

The real Filipino woman is the volcano of Pinatubo. For those who did not climb it, I have a short explanation: it is always wet, most of the time it sleeps, but if it wakes up, it gets really hot. From time to time, eruptions with severe consequences occur. Life with the Filipino cannot be “measured”. Either you will be absolutely happy, or your life will turn into a natural catastrophe.

Filipino woman is always ready for love. The accent is important – ready to be loved and enjoy the state of being loved. These women know exactly what they like and what they do not like, quickly learn how to enjoy life, and what things/events / actions bring them happiness. While most European women experience depressions and headache at any stage of their lives, Filipinos are able to enjoy any situation – being pregnant or ill, a Filipino with the same joy will smile and accept attention signs. A lot of kids are not an obstacle! Filipino woman still remains a woman and she needs more … If in European countries men face a cold heart, a hiding soul, and an unattainable body, then in the Philippines it’s the other way around: the creation of God is beautiful, that means the Filipino woman is beautiful and is waiting for confirmation of this thought all the time.

Compared with European women, the sexy Philippines girls sleep much. In addition to an endless sleep, the Filipinos are a bit lazy and do not always like to cook. Especially something new. As soon as the Filipina wakes up – she is ready for anything –a talk, food and sex. Just a few seconds, and you can start.

This is a general characteristic of the Philippines women, collected from the reviews of tourists who visited the Philippines in the hope of just relaxing and enjoying the sun and left as married people. Each individual case may differ from the general characteristic, so be guided by a living person, and not by an “instruction”.

What to Know About Philippines Girls?

Many Europeans and Americans come to the Philippines to find a partner for long-term relationships. Philippine women are well aware of this and meet European men keeping that in mind. Contrary to the widespread myth, their main goal is not a rich white man. Their main goal is a carrier of a certain culture, a man who is able to see in a woman not only a housewife but also a partner. In simple terms, Filipino women are looking for respect. It happened so that the bearers of this culture are mostly white men.

So, are Philippines women attractive and what should you wait from them?

She does not like conflicts. Filipinos have a very peaceful nature and prefer to settle problems, rather than aggravate them.
● Most Filipino women do not have a good education. Unlike other representatives of social classes who do not have access to quality education, they are not ashamed of this and are always happy to receive new knowledge. If the interlocutor is smarter than a Filipino girl, she will immediately recognize this fact and will not show herself in a bad light.
● Filipino women are very hot. They like to have sex as much as men. It’s not a stereotype or a myth, it’s true. No Filipino girl will say that she has a headache and therefore she cannot have sex.
● The worst word for a Filipino girl is a divorce. The fact is that local customs do not spare divorced Philippine girls. Therefore, they are so afraid of gossip and family failures. These girls are ready to solve any conflict, just to save the family hearth and their reputation in the eyes of friends and relatives.
● Philippine girls are very fond of children and are happy with their education. If a Filipino girl hears the reasoning of a typical American or European woman that children became a burden for her, which prevents her from “developing” and being happy, she will think that these words are too crazy to be true.

Philippines vs American Women

1. Filipino women look great. If you think that this is not their merit and they just got lucky with genetics, you’re wrong. First, life in the Philippines is much more difficult than in Europe and the United States. Women have to lead a fairly active lifestyle, so they rarely suffer from obesity. Secondly, the beauty of a typical young Philippine girl is her chance to break out of a hard and, what is often the case, poor life. She keeps it from a very young age.

2. In the life of the Philippine woman, nothing is more important than family values. Can you say this about a typical girl from the US? Hardly. Filipinos live in the patriarchal culture, where the importance of the family has always been significant. A healthy family is the foundation of a healthy society. It depends on the woman, what atmosphere will prevail in the family – happy and comfortable or anxious and depressing. Filipino women are aware of their responsibility and are willing to devote their time and effort to the family.

3. Hot philippines girls are used to cooking every day. A man, a breadwinner and a guarantor of safety, must be satiated to have moral and physical strength. Such an approach may seem primitive to an inquisitive and sophisticated mind, but no matter how we complicate the surrounding reality and exaggerate our significance in the picture of the universe, things are done just like that. This way of life is absolutely natural. If family members stick to it, the family gets rid of a lot of problems. Can you bring this idea of everyday cooking to a modern American woman? So as not to cause a storm of indignation – probably not. But you agree with our thesis, don’t you?

4. The hot Philippines girl will avoid the male society outside the family. She will do it not because she will be punished. She will avoid the male society because she is not interested in it at all. She already has a better half, her beloved husband. Why should she attract the attention of some other men? This logic is incomprehensible to modern American women. Although they claim the opposite.

What Philippines Girls Don’t Like

1. Beautiful Philippines girls do not like spending too much time in front of TV. They prefer to spend their leisure differently: go to the theater, attend exhibitions, concerts, read books. In many European men, this fact causes cognitive dissonance: after all, it seems to them that in a country with a bad economic situation no one is interested in art. Perhaps in the poorest countries it is so. But the mentality of the people of the Philippines is unique. So do not be surprised at the interest in art that your wife or girlfriend will show.

2. Be polite. Do not be deceived by the beautiful appearance and charming smiles of hot Philippines girls – most of them were brought up in conservative families and all these gestures are not what you think. They do not try to seduce you with their help. Therefore, I recommend that you behave as polite and gentlemanly as possible. After all, this is exactly what constitutes the image of a worthy man for these girls. Do not allow ambiguous hints, do not tell trivial anecdotes and be polite always and everywhere. Filipino women hate rudeness and bad manners.

3. Beautiful Philippines girls do not like snobs. If you do not have a sense of humor and you do not know how to conduct a casual, friendly conversation about some little things, then you will hardly be able to find a wife among the Filipinos. They are very cheerful people, who are eager to laugh and have fun. Therefore, Filipino girls rarely appear in a company of closed, taciturn and boring snobs, who begin to sweat nervously and fake a smile when they hear jokes or, even worse, sarcasm in their direction.

4. Filipino girls do not like greed and ostentatious wealth. They are very wise: both of these disgusting qualities often go hand in hand. Greed is a quality that is impossible for a true European and gentleman. Ostentatious wealth is an impossible platitude for a man with a taste. A Philippines girl will never date such a guy.

Online Dating With a Philippines Girl

Relations with a Filipino woman. This is what thousands of European and American men are striving for. When you marry one of these girls, you get so many benefits that it’s hard to believe it’s true. But it is really so – the experience of a romantic relationship with a Filipino woman is very different from the experience of relations with representatives of Western culture. Not surprisingly, the huge popularity of Filipino women has become the reason for the emergence of specialized dating sites.

This gives you a huge advantage – you do not need to leave your own country to spend a lot of money to get to know a Filipino girl. In addition to saving money, acquaintance and communication on the Internet gives a number of other important advantages: you can freely maintain communication with several girls at the same time; you and your companion will behave more relaxed and at ease, which will speed up the process of getting to know each other; you can ask each other important and frank questions at the initial stage of communication.

If you want to create friendly relations with a Filipino girl online, remember a few basic rules:

Be a gentleman. Communicate as it is done by professional ladykillers from movies. It works!
● Do not be shy. Say compliments. Filipino women are very fond of men mentioning their beauty and talents.
● Avoid trivial jokes. This girl likes decent, witty humor, not vulgar.
● Do not joke about her religion and folk traditions. Otherwise, you risk insulting a girl and she will never forgive you for this.
● Keep communication warm and alive, and avoid monosyllabic formulations. She should understand that you are interested in communication.Language

Do you know what is very difficult to find in the Philippines? Fatty food and a person who does not speak English. The Philippines is the 4th country in the world in terms of the number of English-speaking citizens. Despite the fact that the level of education in the Philippines is not very high, almost all locals know at least two languages, one of which is necessarily English.

If you met a Filipino girl on a dating site, you will have even fewer problems because they understand the context very well and can clearly express their thoughts even when they lack the vocabulary.

The modern Internet makes it even easier – many dating sites have built-in translators that automatically translate words and sentences into the language you need. If on the dating site that you use there is no such service, similar services on other sites will help you. In any case, the language barrier will not exactly become an obstacle to your relationship.

A Typical Date in the Philippines

Philippine dating culture is much simpler than a Western one. This is the main thesis that you must remember. The easiest way to prepare for a date is if you already have the experience of communicating with a Filipino girl online. In any case, we have prepared information for you that will help make your date with the Philippine beauty perfect. It’s easier than it seems!

Going on a date with a Filipino girl, do not try to seem like a brutal male. Although most dating blogs offer this kind of behavior. Remember, Filipino girls do not get excited by the rude, boastful peasants whose emotional intelligence stopped at the level of the player of the school rugby team. Philippine dating culture is more like the one that once was in the old Europe. It’s romantic and more about feelings than about bragging and testosterone.

Going on a date with the Philippine girl, be ready to court her as in good old black and white films or romantic novels. This is the only acceptable behavior for a gallant lover from the US or Europe. At least that’s what Filipino women think.

The attitude of Filipino girls to dating is very conservative. They are waiting for a thorough meeting, compliments, interesting conversations, and gentlemanly gestures on your part. However, there are times when the conservatism of Filipino girls is slightly exaggerated. If your lady will invite you to her home and offer to get acquainted with all relatives, do not be surprised. For Filipino girls, this is absolutely normal. Any man who shows attention to them is a potential groom. Otherwise, his intentions may be understood in not the best way. So always be polite and if you do not want to get acquainted with her family, politely refuse and offer to postpone the meeting.

The Development of Relationships

The development of relations with a Filipino woman almost always goes according to the traditional, classical scenario familiar to all Western men. Unfortunately, this scenario is gradually disappearing from our life. Fortunately, in the world, there are Filipino women who cherish it and believe in it.

For a Philippine girl, it is important to go through all the stages of the development of relations, including the period of courtship, ending with an acquaintance of families and establishing a common life. If you hope that you invite a well-educated Filipino beauty to a date and she will leave with you to your country in 3 days, then you are mistaken. You need to prove the honesty of your intentions, otherwise, nothing will happen. Therefore, pay a lot of attention to conversations, talk about yourself and about your life and do not hesitate to ask your new girlfriend about it.

In the Philippines, there live very beautiful women that remember the great value of having a family and a real romantic relationship. But these are very romantic, sensual women who will go only for worthy men who share their views on life. If you want to build a family with a loving, beautiful woman, then the Philippine girl is what you need.