Online Dating Tips that Will Ensure Your Success

How many times have you found yourself aimlessly browsing through women’s profiles on dating sites? Too many, probably. And how many dates have you managed to get through online communication? Not too many, eh?

This situation is quite a typical one. Even though the majority of young people look for partners online, not all of them are successful in it. What are the main problems? And how to make sure that your attempts are going to be fruitful? Here are some great online dating tips from our experts:

1. Work on your profile. Dating sites highly vary when it comes to special communication services. But most of them have quite a similar concept of your personal profile. There’s your profile photo, a bio, some measurements, your aims etc. Some think that filling out your dating profile is rather optional, and it might be so – but in a very rare case. Since your online communication is based on the information in your dating profile, it basically becomes your online face and it also gives a glimpse of your actual personality. Therefore, you should put some useful information on your profile. Of course, if we talk about applications aimed solely to provide their users with sex dates, giving out extra information about yourself is totally non-compulsory, in fact, it’s unnecessary. But if your ultimate goal is to get a girlfriend and start a proper relationship, filling out your dating profile is a must.

2. Profile photos. Yes, looks don’t always matter… in real life, at least. On the contrary, Internet acquaintances work better when you know how your potential date looks. Their physical appearance indicates a much wider range of things than you can imagine. Basically, many psychological traits are present as innuendos in your physicality, be it your attitude towards fashion, fitness etc. And, let’s be honest, most of us look for someone who would please your eye, not just your mind. And it makes sense. Talking about what kind of photos to post on your page, you may google up lots and lots of articles on what people look for in their dates’ photos. But the rules are quite simple here – no bragging, no heavy Photoshop and editing of any kind, clear photos with no hats and glasses, if possible. And let your online mates see your beautiful smile! Positive attitude may become your most attractive trait.

3. Who’s the initiator? This seemingly standard and excessive question rises lots and lots of other issues in regard to modern approach towards gender equality and related topics. Social aspects aside, we often find ourselves pointlessly waiting for someone else to tap or swipe, or text us without doing anything to get acquainted with them. In this case, you don’t have to be the giver, pretty much securing yourself from being disappointed. However, it also means that you are doomed to be waiting, looking through the profiles of your prospective dates and hoping for the best. Being the initiator is actually a lot of fun – you control the process, leading the way, showing what suits you and what doesn’t. Clearly enough, both women and men can initiate conversations as well as serious relationships. It’s solely a matter of a personality, not a gender.

4. Proper first message. Ah, how many times can you cringe thinking about first-message puns you have sent? Too many times, we guess. You see, the importance of a first message (as well as the importance of a first impression) is usually underestimated. Traditionally, people argued about how to catch someone’s attention from the very first glimpse: some say that plain hellos work just fine while others admit that saying something funny or extraordinary may work much better. Since there isn’t a right answer, we recommend not overdoing your first dialogue. A discreet compliment or some catchy phrase (not a pun and not a pickup line!) could get you where you want easily.

5. Don’t limit yourself. Sometimes we forget that online dating is dramatically different from real-life meetings and implement some ideas from the latter concept into our Internet communication. It may sound strange to some of you but this idea has been circling around the dating community for far too long: people forget that your interlocutor doesn’t know anything about what you do on the site and how you act (if it’s a dating site that you use and not a social network like Facebook) and limit themselves to a single dialogue at a time. Let’s face it: there’s nothing wrong with talking to several people on a dating service. Some of those may be more interesting than others, latter being your safe bets. Sorry for disappointing some of you. But this is how it actually works. Just remember about not overdoing things: having too many people on your hot list at a time may lead to you not learning anything useful about any of them, thus having nothing to choose from.

6. Use eligible dating services. It’s 2018 and the online dating industry has expanded extremely. There are a plenty of services you can use out there, and most of them are aiming at quite different results. We are not here to discuss any of them, you know the drill. What’s important here is that you should keep your idea of a perfect relationship (or not a relationship, depends) in mind when looking for a dating service. You will choose ones if you search for casual relationships and sex dates and others when your ultimate goal is to find and marry a decent girl. Don’t expect that one of those beauties on a hookup site will magically change her mind and decide that you’re a great marriage material and you need to tie the knot as soon as possible. You know, it makes very little sense. The thing you will find in such case is a huge disappointment (and a lot of wasted time, of course).

7. Know what you want. Finally yet importantly, right before even launching your search for a partner, try to understand what kind of relationship you actually want to get. Is it a casual thing without any obligations? Or is that something more serious and long-lasting? Or is it just a random hookup you really look for? Each of them are equally possible to find; some may take more time to get, but that’s not the point here. Decide on that matter and only then seek for a partner. It’s crucial to understand your own needs!

We hope these tips were useful! Some of them may seem a bit obvious and overused in the lists like this one. But since people still make the same mistakes over and over, we find it appropriate to mention some of them here. Have a good luck and enjoy your online communication!