The Ultimate guide to Filipina Women

If you are reading this, you are indeed in the right place to find a girl from the Philippines. And you have probably read something about what these girls are like. Obviously, you know that they are a product of cultures thoroughly mixed throughout the centuries, which is reflected in their physique. There’s something amazing about these girls. In this humble attempt to find out more about Filipina women, we are going to explore their traits and physical features, talk about the best approach to these females and the best places to meet these girls and take them out on a date. So, let’s find this all out together.

How Do They Look

Girls from the Philippines come in a great variety of looks. It happens so because of several primal genomes affecting their ancestors. On one hand, there’s Indonesian influence, both making them short and tall, making their skin lighter and darker (basically two different groups of people from Indonesia). On the other hand, there were Malays that came to the Philippines a few thousand years later than the Indonesians. They were something in between the groups of Indonesians, but with straight dark hair and flat noses. The latter feature heavily concerns beautiful Filipina women while others find it to be totally fine. There’s also a subtle influence of Spanish native genome as the Philippines have been colonized by Spaniards for more than 300 years. Most men prefer their Filipino women to be petite, elegant and cute. However, there’s a great variety of Filipino women for marriage and virtually any men can find a girl that will fit his ideas of beauty and overall attractiveness.

Obviously, the lion’s share of attention get the girls with slim figures and dark colors prevailing in their general appearance: eyes, skin, hair etc. It’s somewhat exotic for Western men but that’s what actually makes these girls so charming – their unusual yet plausible nature. Even though they live in a hot country, sexy Filipino girls are not okay with showing too much skin to everyone. You only get the entire image (if you know what we mean) when you are in a committed relationship. It might sound a bit too pious for the sexually liberated 21st century but that is how things go with pretty Filipino women.

Gorgeous Filipina Women: What Are They Like?

Of course, beauty helps these girls stand out among others. There’s also no doubt that your children with one of the pretty Filipino women will be cute. But there’s so much more about these girls to explore! Let’s talk about their traits and characteristics. It’s going to be a bit of a generalization (because things we are about to discuss cannot be applied to all the Philippine women), yet there’s a great share of truth in our research. So, what are the most important Filipino women characteristics?

  • They have a cheerful attitude. It might sound strange but being raised as islanders, always bathing in warm sunlight, these girls actually become what we call “a sunny person”. Cute Filipina girls are always up to having some fun, entertaining people around them and making happy chatters. All in all, this cheerful disposition makes living much more pleasurable.
  • They are intelligent. As the Philippines gained a massive amount of influence from other countries and cultures, Filipinos had to adapt to new conditions, which made them flexible and overall smarter. No need to explain why almost every Filipino girl speaks at least three languages – two national and English. Even though you are looking for Filipino women for marriage, isn’t it great to have a career-driven girl as a life partner?
  • They highly value relationships. In general, young Filipino women want to have a family with children. And there’s nothing wrong with it, even in the modern world of liberation and child-free trends. They eagerly give their all to make the life of their families great and comfortable. Isn’t that what men are looking for?
  • They are respectful. You might find some articles that repeatedly call Filipina girls submissive. We don’t appreciate such title. These women are brought up to live in a patriarchal world, which means that they are respectful towards their husbands. Dating a Filipino girl, you would seldom have to convince her to do something – she gladly listens to your advice and requests. But don’t get too hard on her: her hot attitude can make her burst out and leave you once and for all.

All these characteristics may help you answer the most important question: are Filipino women good for marriage? Yes, indeed.

It seems like we haven’t discussed the most important reason to make one of the hot Filipino women your wife…

Do Filipino women make good wives and mothers?

First of all, these girls are family-oriented. This characteristic may offend some of the Western or American girls but Filipino women have nothing against being called so. They make great householders – and it’s not about cleaning and cooking only. Most importantly, they have skills to make your apartment or house feel like home: cozy, friendly, welcoming, basically, a place that you want to return to. Their families are often close-knit and they prefer to continue applying this concept to their new families, the ones with husbands and children. Young Filipina girls also like to maintain careers to earn a living while raising children. Isn’t it a great set of goals?

Secondly, they have strong characters and highly value motherhood. Being a mother is not a burden but a blessing for even the most beautiful Filipina women. Modern girls are at times afraid to get pregnant because of the fear to lose their slender bodies. This may not be applied to Filipina women. 

Thirdly, they are good at handling money. And don’t try to act like it’s not an important and somewhat touchy matter. In most cases, girls from the Philippines grow in poor families; therefore, they are from the very beginning taught to be careful with money and don’t spend too much on useless stuff. Money issues always occur in families and these girls are great at handling them.

If you are yet not sure if you want to marry Filipina women, here’s another reasons – hot Filipina girls make great lovers. There’s nothing to explain here. Just think about their slim bodies and plumpish lips. Got it? Moving on.

Now that you know why dating a Filipina girl is a great idea, you can start to look for one of these beauties. In the upcoming articles, we will explain how to approach them and where to look for sexy Filipina girls. Stay tuned and believe in love!